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Newsletter on Korea-Uzbekistan Economic Delegation

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An economic mission to mark the 30th anniversary of Korea-Uzbekistan Diplomatic Relations Establishment, hosted by the Uzbekistan Government and Korea-Uzbekistan Business Association was successfully held in Uzbekistan's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, Tashkent Region and Syrdarya Region from July 3rd to July 8th.

200 representatives from various companies and institutions from Korea attended the Business Forum, B2B, and B2G meetings with representatives of major companies, institutions, and government ministries from Uzbekistan. MOUs and MOAs in education, tourism, new city development, and agriculture worth 750 million USD were signed between two parties.

It was a large-scale event that took place after a long period of Pandemic which grabbed a great amount of attention from major media agencies. The Korea-Uzbekistan Economic Delegation’s visit provided a great opportunity for both countries in Economic Development and Diplomatic Relations. 

Meanwhile, Evergreen Motors CEO Kim Chang Keon hosted the event as a Chairman of Korea-Uzbekistan Business Association. Representatives from various companies were also able to sign MOU and MOAs in relevant fields.

※ Provided : Evergreen Motors Management Support Division