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Eurasia Networks Group is recognized as an exemplary CSR company in Uz…

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"Eurasia Networks Group", which is a subsidiary of Evergreen Motors, was selected as an excellent exemplary company for CSR activities in Uzbekistan in the field of CSR in 2022, in this regard, on the 13th, an award ceremony was held at the Radisson Hotel ” in Tashkent, where the directors of the local branch, Mr. Wang Junho and Yoon Jongseok, were present as representatives. The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Uzbekistan, Mr. Kim Hee-sang, and Mr. Vakhabov, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who presented the award, which is an important award for exemplary companies in the field of CSR.

Eurasia Networks Group exemplarily carries out various volunteer and corporate activities, such as promoting the activities of the economic mission in 2022, erecting a monument to "Alisher Navoi" in the center of Seoul, erecting a monument to "King Sejong" in Tashkent, as well as supporting fire engines and ambulances.

Eurasia Networks Group stressed that it will continue to engage in CSR activities, promote friendly cooperation between the two countries and economic development, and become an exemplary company in the field of environmental, social and corporate governance.

※ Provided : Evergreen Motors Management Support Division